Mission: Planetary Atmospheric Entry Vehicle


2014 Mission

The 2014 mission simulates a sensor payload traveling through a planetary atmosphere sampling the atmospheric composition during descent.

The overall CanSat system is composed of two primary components, a science payload and a re-entry container that protects the payload during ascent, "near-apogee" deployment and initial re-entry/descent.

Once the deployed container/payload system reaches a specified altitude the payload is released from the container to gently descend and safely land.  All operations are to be autonomous.  "Near apogee" deployment will occur at an altitude of approximately 670 meters or higher.  Upon deployment from the rocket the container and payload shall descend at  12 meters per second using any passive descent control system.  At an altitude of  500 meters the payload shall be released from the container and descend under its own control to a safe landing.  The safe landing of the payload shall be accomplished without using a parachute, para-foil, streamer, or any similar device to reduce its speed.  The payload descent rate shall be 10 m/s or less.  After release, the descent rate of the container shall not be maintained.  The payload will send telemetry during descent and not use any batteries.  All power must be harnessed from the environment.  The payload shall safely carry one raw hen's egg, which simulates  delicate payload instrumentation.

Telemetry shall be collected at a minimum 1 Hz rate.  The payload must transmit as much data as possible during descent.  Telemetry can be sent continuously or in bursts.  Once the payload lands, data transmission must stop.  Points are awarded for each 1Hz data sample collected from payload deployment from the container through landing.  Judges will review data submitted and only count the data during active descent of the payload.

Mission Guide



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Scoring Information

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